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Audiogram Tablet

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The Audiogram Tablet illustrates the intensity and frequency of everyday sounds and describes the level of possible hearing loss due to prolonged exposure at each zone 

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Swallowing Tablet

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The Swallowing tablet illustrates anatomy involved in swallowing and the three phases of normal swallowing

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TAF - Test of Auditory Functioning Book

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For Educational Audiologists SLPs working with children who are deaf or hard of hearing. Teachers of the Deaf/Educators of the Deaf Special Education. Watch this video for instructions on how to calibrate.

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Ear Nose Throat Tablet

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The Ear Nose Throat tablet illustrates the anatomy of the ear, nose, and throat with detailed, cross-section views

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Cochlea Crystal Art

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This beautiful crystal displays a three-dimensional laser image of the human cochlea. Great to give someone a crystal cochlea.

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Ear Pocket Chart with Hearing Computer Software Set
  • Ear Pocket Chart with Hearing Computer Software Set
  • Ear Pocket Chart front
  • Ear Pocket Chart back
  • Ear ID screenshot
  • Middle Ear ID screenshot
  • Inner Ear ID screenshot
  • Ottitis Media screenshot
  • Ear Disorders - Inner Ear screenshot
  • Ear Disorders - Outer, Middle screenshot

Ear Pocket Chart with Hearing Computer Software Set


Ear Pocket Chart with six computer software programs covering normal and disorders for the ear. 



Ear Anatomy Pocket Charts Covers outer, middle, inner ear and ear disorders

- Apps in Set -

  • Ear ID

  • Middle Ear ID

  • Inner Ear

  • Ear Disorders: Inner

  • Ear Disorders: Outer, Middle

  • Ear Disorders: Otitis Media

- Common features to all apps -

  • Structure ID: interactive full color illustrations, as each part is touched or rolled over, the part highlights, the part name and description text changes. Description text shows or hides on demand.
  • Animations: all views include full color animations.
  • Modern touch screens will two finger pan and zoom all animations and structure ID pages, videos pan. Sliders provided for non-touch screens.
  • Drawing whiteboard feature.
  • Screenshot whiteboard to file for easy email and printing.
  • Each app runs independent of the others.
  • Designed for PC and Mac desktop computers.
  • Programs requires free Adobe AIR, included on install media.
  • Tested for Windows 10, 8.1 - Mac OS X 10.X. Programs typically work with any PC or Mac system that AIR successfully installs to.
  • Programs delivered via thumb drive.
  • This software is sold under Blue Tree Publishing, Inc. Software License
  • See Attachments above for Software License Agreement PDF link

Set includes Ear Anatomy Pocket Charts

Ear Disorders - Inner Ear
  • Tinnitus
  • Noise exposure
  • Presbycusis effect
  • Gun Shot concussive impact
  • Acoustic Tumor - vestibular schwannomas
  • Meniere’s Disease - Reissner’s membrane rupture
  • Traveling Wave high frequency loops
  • Normal view - Organ of Corti animation plus Structure ID view, touch to see part highlight. Easy on/off text descriptions for each part. Video clip of normal and punctured ear.
  • Animations of Organ of Corti disorders:Tinnitus, External Noise, Presbycusis, Gun Shot, Normal plus Acoustic Tumor, Meniere’s Disease, Traveling Wave High Frequency Loss views.
Ear Disorder - Outer Ear & Middle Ear
  • Cotton Swab puncture
  • Bug entry infection
  • Hair Pin infection
  • Swimmers Ear infection
  • Impacted Wax conductive hearing loss
  • Cholesteatoma growth
  • Otosclerosis growth
  • Acoustic Trauma break of ossicular chain
  • Animations for all sections
Middle Ear ID
  • Middle Ear function
  • Eustachian tube muscle
  • Ear drum
  • Ossicular chain
  • Animations for the middle ear and Eustachian muscle, eardrum and ossicular chain.
  • Video: a large close-up video of a real ear drum. Stop and pause button for video.
Inner Ear ID
  • Labyrinth
  • Traveling wave
  • Cochlea angled view
  • Cochlea sliced view
  • Organ of Corti one turn view
  • Organ of Corti detailed view
  • Animations for the labyrinth and traveling wave, cochlea angled and sliced view and Organ of Corti one turn and detailed view.
Ear ID
  • Ear Structure ID
  • Ear Animation
  • Normal ear video clip
Ear Disorders: Otitis Media
  • Normal view - 26 parts, including outer, inner and
    middle ear.
  • Highlight View: Serous, Suppurative, TM Rupture
    and Child OME feature a key highlight view from the disorder animations.
  • Animations for Serious, Suppurative, TM Rupture, 
    Child OME and normal views.
  • Video: One normal ear drum and one perforated 
    eardrum clip.
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Ear Pocket Chart with Hearing Computer Software Set

Ear Pocket Chart with Hearing Computer Software Set

Ear Pocket Chart with six computer software programs covering normal and disorders for the ear. 

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