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SLP Software Material Set

SLP Software 20 Piece Set

  • Larynx, Colorful Brain, Swallowing Mini posters
  • Voice, ABC note pad
  • Mini card 5 pc set
  • SLP trinket key chain
  • Open mouth, head, brain, vocal folds,
    larynx stick notes
  • 6 pc emoticon stick note set
  • 3 computer apps
    • Cerebrum ID
    • Vocal Folds ID
    • Swallowing
  • Each app independent
  • Designed for PC/Mac
  • Uses included Adobe Air
  • Delivered on flash drive

- Common features to all apps -

Structure ID: interactive full color illustrations,
as each part is touched or rolled over, the part
highlights, the part name and description text
changes. Description text shows or hides on

Animations: all views include full color animations

Modern touch screens will two finger pan and
zoom all animations and structure ID pages,
videos pan. Sliders provided for non-touch

Drawing white board feature

Screen shot white board to file for easy email
and printing

Each app runs independent of the others

Designed for PC and Mac desktop computers

Programs requires free Adobe AIR, included
on on install media

Tested for Windows 10, 8.1 - Mac OS X 10.X.
Programs typically work with any system that
AIR successfully installs to

Programs delivered via thumb drive.
Not available as a download.


Price: $75.00
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