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Ear Disorders - Inner iEducate App

New Release! 04-04-16

The Ear Disorder Inner app helps students and patients learn and professionals teach inner ear disorders. The app features animations of Organ of Corti disorders: Tinnitus, External Noise, Presbycusis, Gun Shot, Normal plus Acoustic Tumor, Meniere’s Disease, Traveling Wave High Frequency Loss views. Animated anatomical illustrations, normal structure identification and video clips help patients and students learn.

Animations – Each animation has a play and stop button, easy on/off text descriptions, pan and zoom. Normal includes touch Structure ID Organ of Corti part highlight and two video clips

  • Tinnitus
  • Noise exposure
  • Presbycusis effect
  • Gun Shot concussive impact
  • Acoustic Tumor - vestibular schannomas
  • Meinere’s Disease - Reissner’s membrane rupture
  • Traveling Wave high frequency loos
  • Normal view - Organ of Corti animation plus Structure ID view, touch to see part highlight. Easy on/off text descriptions for each part. Video clip of normal and punctured ear.
  • Two finger zoom and pan of all animations and Structure ID. Videos do not zoom.
  • Drawing Whiteboard features drawing: freeform lines in red, blue, green or black hue. Draw and place text directly on active animation and video. Screenshot whiteboard direct to Photos App for easy email and printing.
  • iOS 6.0+ required, designed for iPad and iPhone. Best view is on iPad

The Ear Disorder Inner app makes learning inner ear disorders easy. See example screen shots below. Get the app today!

Meniere's Disease
Traveling Wave
Acoustic Tumor
Ear Disorder Inner App
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