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Respiration ID iEducate App

The Respiration ID app covers normal anatomy of respiration through animations and structure id. Structure ID is designed to teach anatomy structure by touching the part to see the name and text highlight. Detailed text is hidden or viewed at the touch of a button. All views include a drawing whiteboard feature for easy screen-print direct to the photo app to save, email or print.

  • Body - Touch key parts of respiration for the body, head and larynx to see their names and text highlight. Animation views of inhalation and exhalation airflow for the body, head and larynx. Watch the larynx move with quiet and voiced breathing for easy understanding of this complex process.
  • Thorax - The ribs, diaphragm & lungs are animated to show how these amazing structures work together. Front, side and back views are provided. Button shows and hides front and side rib animation. Structure ID for the muscles of respiration and key front, side, back structures are included.
  • Lungs - Front and side animation views of the lungs and the alveoli breathing. Front, side, back lungs and alveoli structure ID.
  • Two finger pan, zoom and rotation of all views, with easy reset button.
  • Drawing Whiteboard feature:
    • Drawing: freeform lines in red, blue, green or black hue.
    • Draw and place text directly on all views.
    • Text: auto wrap, non-movable in red, blue, green or black hue.
    • Eraser: touch and rub lines and text on whiteboard to erase.
    • Trash: one tap deletes all whiteboard lines and text.
    • Screenshot whiteboard direct to photo app for easy email out and printing.
  • iOS 6.0+ required for iPad and iPhone.. Best viewing experience on tablet devices.
The Respiration ID app makes learning the normal lung easy. See example screen shots below. Get the app today!

Body ID
Head Breath
Alveoli Animation
Lings Animation
Back Muscle ID
Pathway Tract App
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