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Hearing 9 App Bundle

Hearing 9 App Set

  • Ear ID
  • Middle Ear ID
  • Inner Ear ID
  • Outer, Middle Ear Disorders
  • Inner Ear Disorders
  • Otitis Media
  • Hearing Anatomy
  • Hearing Sound
  • Hearing Protection
  • Includes 6 illustrative mini cards.

Common Hearing App features -

  • The hearing app series covers the ear for youth
    and health fair audiences.
  • Join Harry Hearing as he shows key concepts of
    hearing anatomy, protection and sound.
  • Designed for an interactive teaching environment,
    the app is perfect as a “show and tell”
    teaching aid.
  • Key concepts are displayed as animations and
  • All animation can be zoomed, panned and
    sketched on.
  • Example of use would be to project the app to a
    TV while the teacher narrates the story of
    Harry Hearing’s journey.
  • Throughout the session, the teacher can highlight
    significant concepts by drawing directly on the
    animations as they play or are stopped on
    a key frame.
  • Included is a youth audience health fair script
    and teaching station example - look for it under
    the help icon.
  • The app loop feature allows the content to be
    looped through automatically for standalone
    uses such as museum displays, unattended
    health fair stations and clinic education.

- Common features to all apps -

  • Structure ID: interactive full color illustrations,
    as each part is touched or rolled over, the part
    highlights, the part name and description text
    changes. Description text shows or hides on
  • Animations: all views include full color animations.
  • Modern touch screens will two finger pan and
    zoom all animations and structure ID pages,
    videos pan. Sliders provided for non-touch
  • Drawing white board feature.
  • Screen shot white board to file for easy email
    and printing.
  • Each app runs independent of the others.
  • Designed for PC and Mac desktop computers.
  • Programs requires free Adobe AIR, included
    on on install media.
  • Tested for Windows 10, 8.1 - Mac OS X 10.X.
    Programs typically work with any system that
    AIR successfully installs to.
  • Programs delivered via thumb drive.
    Not available as a download.


Hearing 9 App Set With Support Cards

Contains all the same apps and features as above except changing out the mini cards with four double sided Support Cards.


Our most popular mobile apps come to the computer desktop. Nine programs covering normal, disorders and hearing education for the ear.

  Inner Ear ID
  • Labyrinth
  • Traveling wave
  • Cochlea angled view
  • Cochlea sliced view
  • Organ of Corti one turn view
  • Organ of Corti detailed view
  • Animations for the labyrinth and traveling wave,
    cochlea angled and sliced view and Organ of Corti
    one turn and detailed view.
  • Middle Ear ID
  • Middle Ear function
  • Eustachian tube muscle
  • Ear drum
  • Ossicular chain
  • Animations for the middle ear and Eustachian muscle,
    ear drum and ossicular chain.
  • Video: a large close-up video of a real ear drum. Stop
    and pause button for video.

  • Ear Disorders - Inner Ear
  • Tinnitus
  • Noise exposure
  • Presbycusis effect
  • Gun Shot concussive impact
  • Acoustic Tumor - vestibular schannomas
  • Meinere’s Disease - Reissner’s membrane rupture
  • Traveling Wave high frequency loops
  • Normal view - Organ of Corti animation plus
    Structure ID view, touch to see part highlight. Easy
    on/off text descriptions for each part. Video clip of
    normal and punctured ear.
  • Animations of Organ of Corti disorders: Tinnitus,
    External Noise, Presbycusis, Gun Shot, Normal plus
    Acoustic Tumor, Meniere’s Disease, Traveling Wave
    High Frequency Loss views.
  • Ear Disorder - Outer Ear & Middle Ear
    • Cotton Swab puncture
    • Bug entry infection
    • Hair Pin infection
    • Swimmers Ear infection
    • Impacted Wax conductive hearing loss
    • Cholesteatoma growth
    • Ostosclerosis growth
    • Acoustic Trauma break of ossicular chain
    • Animations for all sections.

    Ear ID
  • Ear Structure ID
  • Ear Animation
  • Normal ear video clip

  • Hearing Anatomy - part of an app series covering the
    ear for youth and health fair audiences. Join Harry
    Hearing as he shows key concepts of hearing

    Hearing Sound - part of an app series covering the
    ear for youth and health fair audiences. Join Harry
    Hearing as he shows key concepts of hearing sounds.

    Hearing Protect - part of an app series covering the
    ear for youth and health fair audiences. Join Harry
    Hearing as he shows key concepts of hearing

    Otitis Media
  • Normal view - 26 parts, including outer, inner and
    middle ear.
  • Highlight View: Serous, Suppurative, TM Rupture
    and Child OME feature a key highlight view from the
    disorder animations.
  • Animations for Serious, Suppurative, TM Rupture,
    Child OME and normal views.
  • Video: One normal ear drum and one perforated
    eardrum clip.

    Price: $35.00 - $75.00
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