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Desktop App Bundles...

Now Available! A number of our popular desktop softwares have been updated. Set up as separate apps allowing you to choose the information you want see. All use the free Adobe AIR runtime allowing the apps to run on any any system that AIR successfully installs to. Yes, PC and Mac, Win 10, 8.1, OS X 10.5.5. Modern touch screens will two finger pan and zoom animations and structure ID pages, videos pan. Sliders provided for non-touch screens. Click on images for more detail.

Presenting a series of interactive multimedia software programs to facilitate educational experience in the profession of otology, laryngology, audiology, speech language patholoy and many others. A Double sided plastic laminated comes with each module. . Click software picture for more detail on our software offerings


ENT Desktop
7 App Bundle

  Ear ID
Middle Ear ID
Inner Ear ID
Otitis Media
Sinus ID
Vocal Folds ID
Larynx ID

Ear ID

  Ear ID,
Middle Ear ID
Inner Ear ID

Speech Articulation Desktop
5 App Bundle

- Vowels -
Vowels Front/Back
- Consonants -

Common Features

- Structure ID: as parts are touched or rolled over, parts highlights.
- Animations and videos.
- Drawing white board feature.
- Screen shot white board to file for easy email and printing.

Printed Media
Interactive Apps - iBook
Crystal Art
Blue Tree Publishing offers a line of printed media to enhance the educational and clinic experience. We have the XLP, LP an P poster line and full color, double-sided plastic laminated quick reference cards. New LCD and mini poster. Keep track of the days with our timeless calendar and record in our clinical journal.
Click printed media picture for more detail
Cranial Nerves iBook Cranial Nerves iBook
The Cranial Nerves iBook
More iBooks to choose from
Cerebrum ID App
Cerebrum ID App
Ear ID App
Ear ID App
Sinus ID Apap
Sinus ID App
Larynx ID App
Larynx ID App
Many more Apps to choose from
Made from crystal glass, these fine art pieces looks great in any setting. Within the crystals, a 3d view is laser imprinted in the crystal. With all major structures visible, the crystal art create a great gift. Available in key chains, one and ten pound sizes.
Click crystal picture for more detail
Printed Media Crystal Art  

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